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Who do we wish to join GOALS4LIFE?

GOALS4LIFE will be networking with Schools for the Deaf, Hearing Support Units, Peripatetic Services, SEN (Special Educational Needs) Schools, Units and Clubs etc. throughout the UK and Internationally which provide facilities for children, young people and adults with deafness and other disabilities including aphasia, autism, deafblindness, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

GOALS4LIFE will be networking with Schools for the Deaf, Hearing Support Units, Peripatetic Services, SEN (Special Educational Needs) Schools, Units and Clubs etc. throughout the UK and Internationally which provide facilities for children, young people and adults with deafness and other disabilities including aphasia, autism, deafblindness, dyslexia and dyspraxia. From the outset GOALS4LIFE wants to be “INCLUSIVE” and readily accessible to all, irrespective of any degree of disability, especially sensory impairment.

Where will the Staff, ICT Equipment and Materials come from?

We want to build on our previous success so far by seeking more sponsorship for recruiting a part time Director of GOALS4LIFE; a p/t Director of Resources & Communication and Consultant trainers; as well as finding rental costs, purchasing more ICT equipment plus portfolio materials for learners, parents and teachers.

What have the organisations involved with GOALS4LIFE got to offer?

DeafaxDeafax – To empower deaf people of all ages to lead fulfilling lives through the use of innovative technologies.
Deafax is unique in the field of deafness in that it works with technology – hardware and software, to enable deaf people of all ages to excel and breakdown the barriers of isolation and communication. To date, Deafax, after 25 years, has worked with over 70,000 beneficiaries, this include 35,000 deaf children, 20,000 deaf adults, 3,000 Teachers of the Deaf and 5,000 parents.

Deafax is a charitable company with a national remit and strong international links. It pioneers the innovative use of educational, research and training projects involving technology for deaf people of all ages, teachers, employers and health professionals and has provided workshops in schools for the deaf throughout the UK. The project, research and developmental work of Deafax is supported by a wide variety of governmental, public and commercial organisations and is often conducted in collaboration.


DecibelsDecibels – Enabling through sound,music,the arts.performance and technology.
Decibels advances the above by providing facilities,equipment and research with the view to include those with special needs/disabilities (deaf,hard of hearing,blind,learning difficulties,old age,gifted,autistic etc.) into the community and the musical and artistic worlds.It also establishes a spirit of innovation by incorporating technological development into various aspects of research, training and music practice


Ability 2 Access – Accessibility for all
Ability 2 Accesss is a registered charitable company dedicated to advancing the education, knowledge,  research and understanding of the public of the physical, environmental, economic and social dimensions of the built environment particularly in the manner in which it affects those with physical, sensory or learning disabilities. It also promotes the welfare of such persons by co-operating with voluntary, statutory, research or other organisations with projects concerning the built environment so as to improve the conditions and quality of life of such persons.


Speci@lKidzSpeci@lKidz – Empowering and transforming the lives of children and young people with disabilities
Speci@lKidz aims to promote the use of Information and Communications Technology to advance the education, research and inclusion of children, young people and adults with speech, language communication-related disabilities. It therefore sees technology as a unifying approach to removing communication barriers for all with this wide range of disabilities.  In seeking to improve understanding of these barriers and the potential of technology for overcoming them, Speci@lKidz addresses the needs both of those with disabilities and of those who work with and relate to them.


EASITECEASITEC – Easy Solutions for Inclusion, Technology, Education and Communication
EASiTEC aims to offer first class training, product awareness and access to technology that has been denied to many through the poor service offered within the retail sector of telecommunications. We work within all aspects of the disability community working with individuals, charities, education facilities, schools, colleges etc. and mainstream commercial companies to ensure that all people have access to the correct technology both in a hands on environment to ensure best practice and the time given for those to make informed choices in an environment conducive to their needs and requirements. It is essential that all disabled people have the right to choose technology for their own personal needs whether this is educational in their home environment or to enrich their working career.


Deaf AspirationsDeaf Aspirations – aspire to achieve through education, training, technology, creative activities, sport, entrepreneurship and business skills.
Deaf Aspirations is a registered social enterprise company which was set up to enable deaf people to achieve their potential in life. The corporate values governing Deaf Aspirations’ development are crucial to its success, which are skills development, transition from education into employment or self-employment, sign-posting, information, advice and guidance. It wants to work alongside other organisations to empower Deaf people to take their own initiatives through education and training by our partners. We want to perpetuate the philosophy that “failure breeds success and it never fails”. Most successful people in their respective fields of endeavour always say that being outstanding at any skill requires a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and belief in your ability to succeed


What is Deafax’s relationship with the University of Reading? –Brief History

In 1982, Professor Harold Silver who was Principal of Bulmershe College of Higher Education (which is now the Institute of Education, Bulmershe Court) invited Ken Carter to become a Senior Research Fellow to a Berkshire College’s Consortium and to address the issues of FHE (Further, Higher and Continuing Education) for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. Three years later in 1985, Professor Silver helped and encouraged Ken to set up Deafax as a registered charity, but to be based on the Bulmershe campus, which would have a remit to address and challenge the issues of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), language, literacy, communication and inclusion for deaf and hearing children, young people and adults locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. When Bulmershe merged with the University, Deafax continued to offer its many innovative and support services to deaf and hearing personnel and students throughout the University. After a period of being the Berkshire Advisory Lecturer on Special Needs, Ken later took charge of Deafax and helped the organisation at one point to generate an income of £1million.It has continued to make considerable progress over the past 25 years-see –for more detailed information. We are keeping the new Vice Chancellor –Sir David Bell,KCB-informed of our many developments concerning GOALS4LIFE and other “inclusive” initiatives which involve the University of Reading.