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What individuals are involved with GOALS4LIFE?

The Honorary President of Deafax is Dr Vinton Cerf - widely recognised as the 'Architect of the Internet'. Vice-presidents from all the educational enterprises include Mastero Vladimir Ashkenazy, Dame Evelyn Glennie DBE, Malcolm Bruce MP, Dr Alan Hurwitz, Julua Kaufmann OBE, Graham Wallace, Lucy Woods, Eileen Uttley, Kate Bourne, Peter Johnson, Nicholas Purnell QC and Prof. Adam Ockelford.

The Honorary President of Deafax is Dr Vinton Cerf, who is widely recognised as the ‘Architect of the Internet’ and is the chief internet evangelist for Google.

Vice-presidents from all the educational enterprises include:

  • Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy – world renowned conductor and virtuoso pianist.
  • Dame Evelyn Glennie DBE – is deaf and a virtuoso percussionist.
  • Malcolm Bruce MP – currently chairs Deafness Group, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group.
  • Dr Alan Hurwitz – first deaf Vice-president of National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), Rochester, USA.
  • Julia Kaufmann OBE – Former Director of BBC Children in Need. Chair of WhizzKidz
  • Graham Wallace – Director of Merryck and Co, Former CEO of Cable and Wireless.
  • Lucy Woods – CEO of Viatel, Former CEO of WorldCom EMEA..
  • Eileen Uttley- a distinguished friend and Teacher of the Deaf for 40 years;hard of hearing herself.
  • Kate Bourne – a loyal friend of Deafax; at the moment is reading for a Ph.D at the University of Reading.
  • Peter Johnson –former Headteacher of Millfield School which is one of the most innovative schools in the world.
  • Nicholas Purnell,QC.-a distinquished lawyer with outstanding communication skills.
  • Adam Ockelford-Professor of Music at Roehampton University

Deafax is headed up by CEO Helen Lansdown who is a graduate of the University of Reading

Who have we been in contact with at the University of Reading ?
At present, all our collaborations are funded by grants raised by Deafax/Decibels/IE/DA/EASiTEC, although further collaborations are regularly being explored including KTP(Knowledge Transfer Partnerships) and University led initiatives. Over the years, we have had productive links with the following academics:

  • Cybernetics –Professor Kevin Warwick –Deafax Birmingham Conference 2008
  • Computer Science – Professor Graham Megson and Dr Rachel McCrindle –Big Lottery Reseach 2008
  • Education – Professor Andy Goodwyn – Deafax Virtual Learning Centre
  • Psychology – Professor Lynne Murray  – DeafBaby project
  • National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL) –Professor Viv Edwards
  • School of Health and Social Care – Ann Smith(Director of Nursing)- Deafax Health Projects
  • Business and Enterprise Centre – Becky Miller- IE Concept Building
  • Construction Management & Engineering –Dr Geoff Cook/Professor Hans Haenlein,MBE  -IE Concept Building
  • Construction Management & Engineering- Professor Peter Lansley –IE Concept Building
  • Geography/Urban Studies –Emeritus Professor Brian Goodall – IE Concept Building
  • Education –Prue Goodwin –Visual Literacy –Teaching Reading to Deaf Children Seminars
  • Education –Dr Les James – Consultant and former Chair/Trustee of Deafax
  • Research and Enterprise –Dr Kate Pitts-
  • Education – Chris Starkey/Helen Bilton –PGCE (Secondary and Primary) –Deafax/Deaf Awareness Training.
  • Music Education – Dr Gordon Cox/Dr Mary Stakelum –Decibels/Deafax Project
  • School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences-Dr Vesna Stojanovik -assistance with Leverhulme Pilot Project; could lead to large research funded study for the University with Deafax as a partner.
  • School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences-Dr Catherine Foy/Jonathan Haenen -carrying out British Ability Scales assessments on behalf of Deafax.

What Other Universities do we liaise with ?
We have  research and development links with the following:

Exeter; Goldsmiths College,London; Newcastle; Birmingham

Professor Harold Johnson -Michigan State University, USA and  Kent State University,USA;
National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), Rochester Institute of Technology, USA;
Gallaudet University,Washington DC;
California State University,Northridge,USA;

What IT and Telecommunications Companies do we have contact with ?
Deafax’s website was funded by Vodafone UK Foundation which has supported us for a number of years, including funding our Learn 4 Life Academy for Young Deaf People.
Our link with other telecommunications companies, including BT, Cable and Wireless, 3G, Orange,Microsoft etc, have also been supporters and sponsors of different areas of Deafax’s work, particularly in emerging technologies and research projects.
Deafax has also worked  with Google, the British Computer Society (BCS) and the European Computer Driving License( ECDL)

What Charitable Foundations do we have contact with ?
Grants have been awarded from the following Foundations: Esmee Fairbairn, Sobell, Leverhulme Trust,Big Lottery UK,International Community Fund, Camelot, BBC Children in Need,Bridge House Trust, City Parochial, Lloyds TSB, Ellerman and many others over the years….

What Government Grants have we secured over the years ?
Grants from Government sources have been as follows:DfES, DfCSF, NVYO, Various NHS PCTs around Britain, BECTA, Department of Health etc.

What  Teachers’ Organisations do we liaise with ?
We have worked very closely with the main UK Teacher of the Deaf organisation namely BATOD(British Association of Teachers of the Deaf) and also with the Teachers Training Agency (TTA) concerning NOF(New Opportunities Fund).