We enable and advance the lives of deaf children, teens and adults.

We're assisting and enabling deaf people of all ages to achieve through education, technology, creativity, employment, entrepreneurship and business skills. We're advancing the public understanding of the needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people worldwide.

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Our Aims

Deaf Aspirations aims to assist, advance in life and enable deaf children, young people and adults achieve through education, training, technology, creative activities, employment, entrepreneurship and business skills. We want to advance the education and understanding of the public in the needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people in the UK and worldwide as well as furthering such other social enterprise purposes for the public benefit.

Our Activities

Our activities will revolve around establishing the following:

  • centres of leadership & entrepreneurial training directed toward intervention, education and training of children ,young people and adults with varying degrees of deafness;
  • train teachers, parents and others in communication skills especially in sign languages so that they can understand and help people with the challenges of deafness;
  • foster, promote, commission and undertake research and development in business/entrepreneurial skills;
  • disseminate research and development outcomes of deaf role models and successful business companies being managed by deaf people.
  • foster, initiate and develop projects concerned with aiming high and realising the potential of deaf people;
  • provide social opportunities for people with deafness and their families and peers to encourage co-operation and integration and as a platform for training and education;
  • hold workshops, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses either alone or with others;

Latest News

Whether it's establishing virtual accessible learning centres, disseminating research or establishing centres of leadership, we're always hard at work making a difference.
See our latest news below.

Entrepreneur’s Island

Deaf Aspirations wants to run a series of Inclusive courses for Deaf, Hard of hearing & Hearing people in 2021

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What is a Car Loop – Graham Hocking

“What Is a Car Loop?” was filmed by Auralreactions with guest Graham Hocking who is very severely deaf and a Trustee of Deaf Aspirations demonstrating how he could easily listen to his car radio or passengers through a hearing loop.

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Friends for Young Deaf Aspirants

In memory of Denis & Eileen Uttley who did so much for FYD (Friends for the Young Deaf), Deaf Aspirations is setting up Friends for Young Deaf Aspirants (FYDA)

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Deaf Education: A New Philosophy

Research at NTID ( National Technical Institute for the Deaf) at the RIT(Rochester Institute of Technology, New York State) is shifting the way deaf students are being educated. Read on for more.

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Mental Health Wellbeing for Deaf Young People through Digital Technologies

This is the report for our six month project “Mental Health Wellbeing for Deaf Young People through Digital Technologies” which was funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (HM Government & The National Lottery Community Fund).

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Charities Helping Deaf Children With Technology Challenge

Our six month study alongside Deaf Aspirations has been featured in the Henley Standard

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Important appeal: Computers for Deaf Youngsters

We are determined to make sure that all deaf youngsters have the best possible access to Online Learning from home and at school. Please click through to read more about this important campaign appeal.

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Supporting the 2020 Warwick University Accessible Online Christmas Lectures

Deaf Aspirations, through Ken Carter and Ilan Dwek, are delighted to have supported the 2020 Warwick University Accessible Online Christmas Lectures with Rinkoo Barpaga interpreting them.

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Celebrating 50 Years of the Breakthrough (Deaf & Hearing) Integration Trust

Deaf Aspirations wants to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in either 2021 or 2022 of the setting up of the Breakthrough (Deaf & Hearing) Integration Trust. This Trust was very pioneering as it was to do with the INCLUSION of deaf and hearing people working together for the greater good of society.

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Supporting the Deaflympics

As Deaf Aspirations is committed to helping deaf and hard of hearing people not only in the UK but Internationally, we want to support the Deaflympics and encourage children & young people to take up the challenge of competing at their chosen sporting activities. We also advocate that the Deaflympics should become more “inclusive” and work more closely with the Paralympics & Olympics so that they are treated equally in regards to funding allocations and prestige. A step forward into the 21st Century would be to have deaf people and hearing eligible to serve on the ICSD board and executive bodies instead of only just deaf people.

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