We enable and advance the lives of deaf children, teens and adults.

We're assisting and enabling deaf people of all ages to achieve through education, technology, creativity, employment, entrepreneurship and business skills. We're advancing the public understanding of the needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people worldwide.

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Our Aims

Deaf Aspirations aims to assist, advance in life and enable deaf children, young people and adults achieve through education, training, technology, creative activities, employment, entrepreneurship and business skills. We want to advance the education and understanding of the public in the needs and aspirations of deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people in the UK and worldwide as well as furthering such other social enterprise purposes for the public benefit.

Our Activities

Our activities will revolve around establishing the following:

  • centres of leadership & entrepreneurial training directed toward intervention, education and training of children ,young people and adults with varying degrees of deafness;
  • train teachers, parents and others in communication skills especially in sign languages so that they can understand and help people with the challenges of deafness;
  • foster, promote, commission and undertake research and development in business/entrepreneurial skills;
  • disseminate research and development outcomes of deaf role models and successful business companies being managed by deaf people.
  • foster, initiate and develop projects concerned with aiming high and realising the potential of deaf people;
  • provide social opportunities for people with deafness and their families and peers to encourage co-operation and integration and as a platform for training and education;
  • hold workshops, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses either alone or with others;

Latest News

Whether it's establishing virtual accessible learning centres, disseminating research or establishing centres of leadership, we're always hard at work making a difference.
See our latest news below.

Friends for Young Deaf Aspirants

In memory of Denis & Eileen Uttley who did so much for FYD (Friends for the Young Deaf), Deaf Aspirations is setting up Friends for Young Deaf Aspirants (FYDA)

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Deaf Education: A New Philosophy

Research at NTID ( National Technical Institute for the Deaf) at the RIT(Rochester Institute of Technology, New York State) is shifting the way deaf students are being educated. Read on for more.

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Life and Deaf – BBC Four

An immersive, experiential film in BSL about the deaf world, with its unique humour and culture.

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Questions for WFD members – Deaf Street Children Rights

The WFD is writing a submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child about street children.
Do you have experience working with deaf street children, or deaf children leaving school to join street gangs or mafia type groups?

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Personal Travel Agent – Julie Kenyon

Deaf Aspirations is very excited about promoting the use of the Personal Travel Agency Services run by Julie Kenyon in association with Co-operative Travel. What makes Julie different is that she has Deaf parents and knows about the complexities of deafness and all the challenges & issues that goes with speech, language & communication.

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Deaf Aspirations Leadership Training Courses

The Trustee/Directors of Deaf Aspirations have launched THE DEAF ASPIRATIONS LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSES FOR DEAF & HEARING YOUNG PEOPLE. They offer Presentation Skills Training; Presenting for Technical Specialists; Public Speaking Courses; Leadership Skills Training; Communication Skills Training;  Management Training Courses; Performance Management Training; Influencing Skills Training & Networking Skills Training.

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Gift In Will

Please fill out the attached form to leave a gift in your will

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Let’s Learn Together – Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

A video about Speech, Language, BSL British Sign Language), Communication, Education, Inclusion, Ethnicity and Equal Opportunities by Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

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An exciting new Audiovisability & Decibels project working with Deaf, Autistic and Hearing performers in Barbados, UK and other parts of the World

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Raising the Bar

The ‘Raising the Bar’ project was developed by the National Deaf Children’s Society in 2015 to drive expectations of what deaf children and young people in the UK can achieve in dance and music.

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